How to Choose the Right Abstract Art.

Hi there

Choosing the right Abstract Art for your home, office, commercial space, or as a gifted item, may seem cumbersome and confusing, but it’s really not as complicated as it appears to be.  Just like any other piece of Art you buy, it’s all about you or the person you plan to gift the artwork.  When choosing the right Abstract Art, there are a few facts to consider:

Pay attention and be aware of your emotions while viewing any abstract artwork.  You need to be aware of your emotional response that may be invoked by the painting.  You need to ask yourself if the artwork makes you feel happy, angry, or indifferent.  With that in mind, you never want to shop for Abstract Artwork when you are upset or distracted by personal issues. This is because these negative emotions will interfere with your true emotions about the artwork and you may end up gravitating towards an abstract painting that caters to the negative emotions without even realizing it.   To make matters worse, if you end up buying the painting and hang it up, every time you walk by the it, you’ll be reminded of those negative emotions.  I don’t believe that anyone wants that kind of experience.

Be confident about what you like and stay true to yourself.  As a professional artist, I always want to maintain a good & positive relationship with my existing clientele, prospective clients and collectors. You have to be confident about what you like as a buyer and prospective collector.  You also want to have a good relationship with the artist. Once you do that, you can then stick with the artist that caters to those desires through their artworks.

If you find the Abstract artwork that makes you happy or taps into an emotion that is so positive that you can’t put it into words, share it with your family and friends. Let them know why the artwork makes you feel the way you feel and see if they share the same emotion. There are times that the emotions may not be exactly what you feel, but they may be similar.  At the end of the day, you’ve found that special artwork and all that is left for you to do is to buy it. 

Here is the final point.  I have taken it one step further to make it easier and quicker to choose the right Abstract Art.  It’s the 4th factor to consider and it’s a feature I provide to everyone who sees my Abstract Artwork on-line.  It’s a feature called, AUGMENTED REALITY or AR.  This tool allows you the pleasure of superimposing any of my abstract paintings on your wall in real-time using the camera on your phone or tablet.  All you have to do is select the artwork that you like, stand 9ft away from the wall you plan to hang it, and the painting will appear directly on your wall. You can adjust the size, add frames, and enjoy the whole experience.  No more ladders, measuring tapes, and guessing games.  With the AR feature and the previous three points I stated earlier, choosing your next Abstract Art will not only be easier, but it’ll be fun, quick, memorable, and secure. 

Talk to you soon and have a blessed weekend! 

------Temi Ayodeji—-