”Lion of Judah” - As I see Him.

Hi there,

I hope your're doing well today. Well, I'm excited to share my newest piece with you. It's called, "Lion of Judah."

I was inspired by my son who has made remarkable progress over the years after the sudden onset of Autism when he was 3 years old. It came out of nowhere! He was born normal, met his milestones, he could speak, and people thought he and his brother (20 months older) were twins. Those were the days, but it stopped suddenly when he turned three. He lost his ability to speak, I couldn't connect with him emotionally, and it was scary. 

Being a mother of a child on the spectrum, I often wondered what our lives would be like if things were different. Would he also be a state champion in tennis like his brother? Would he have girls slip him notes like his brother? Would he want to follow in my footsteps as an artist or his dad as a doctor? What would life be like I used to wonder? 

It was through the pain of losing friends and feeling the judgement of others towards my son when he never got the invites to parties or play dates, that I felt the unconditional love from my savior and saw His healing power over our lives. Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to be thankful for the blessing of being his mom. I guess God saw me as the best person to raise him and I’m honored. As a mom, I'm so blessed to be his mom.


With that said, sometimes, I wish I knew what God looked like so that I can paint Him as a way of saying, ”Thank you” in addition to praising Him. The only unique way I can express my thanks, a feeling of appreciation that I know millions of people all over the world feel, is by painting abstract images that honor Him. Showing gratitude and exaltation by creating  abstract images that empower and minister to the soul. Images that celebrate our innate ability to conquer and overcome.

This is who I am as an artist and this is what I stand for. I hope you'll be willing to follow me on this new  journey. It'll be filled with lots of fun and I'm ready to do it with you without fear or hesitation. As of now, I am forever grateful because He continues to show Himself mighty and strong no matter circumstances.

Thanks for reading,