The Melting Mountains of Alaska

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and fun. They’re supposed to leave beautiful memories of the places visited, food eaten, and new friends that were made.  My trip to Alaska is a different story. The beauty of the region will always remain on my mind, but thoughts of what I saw has changed my perspective on the issue of global warming. It’s real, it’s sad, but you and I can change things for the better for the next generation. 

I took an 8-day cruise to Alaska with my family last year on board the maiden voyage of one of Norwegian Cruise ships called, The Bliss. It was, and still remains as one of the most beautiful trips I've ever taken. Visiting parts of Alaska and British Columbia was amazing. I have never seen so many bald-head eagles in my life. I was also for my younger son who I homeschool. Watching his reactions and answering his questions was fulfilling and I’m so thankful. 

I was inspired to paint "PEAK" several weeks after we returned. I needed to pour out my mixed emotions on canvas. I kept remembering the mountains and I repeatedly said to myself, "Oh God, I wish I was there the day you created this cold, yet beautiful landscape!"  

I wept a bit as I saw the PEAK of the mountains kiss the clouds. I was in awe of it all and putting it into words is a bit difficult because I speak through my paintings during these moments. It was a blessing to see and an experience I shall never forget. 

However, I was also saddened by the site of thousands of trees growing on the sides of the mountains instead of snow.  Everyone around me knew what we were looking at wasn't normal. It was a phenomena that you have to see in order to believe. Although, it felt very cold in June, the environment had been warmer than usual for several years. This increase in atmospheric temperature was stripping the sides of the mountains of their natural snow and ice. Over time, the snow and ice had been replaced by several little streams that looked like deltas on the sides of these massive rocks.

How could this happen? Well, we were shown pictures of the area 100 years ago and it was so sad to see that most the icebergs that had existed a century ago had completely melted away. It was a blessing to see what was left, but I wonder what will be left for my sons and future generations. 

I know that this is the consequence of global warming and I pray that our future generation will thank us for preserving what is left of nature’s beauty for them. I pray they can see snow covered hills in Alaskaincluding the beautiful snow covered mountains of Alaska. If you haven't been to Alaska, please take this trip. It will be a trip of a lifetime.

The above painting is called, "PEAK" and it can be found here under my Originals Collections.



--------- Temi Ayodeji ----------