Hi there!

I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Social distancing is still in effect but with fewer restrictions in some areas.


However, there are still many establishments that remain closed. Exhibitions are also on hold, and large gatherings aren't allowed. Understandable.


Regardless of these facts, nothing is stopping me from bringing my work to you for you to enjoy. 

So, I'm starting with this 3-part series called "Unboxing Print Mediums - Part 1." It showcases the print mediums I have available on my site and what to expect with your order. So, let's go on this journey together.


I'm so excited!  


In this series, are two print medium options I'll be showing you. They are:

1- Water Color Paper Print and

2- Exhibit Mount High Gloss Metal Print


The image on the left (Title: "Queen Mother") is a Water Color Paper Print. It can be ordered as a stand-alone print, or you can add framing to it as shown in the image below. When you order the Water Paper Print, it will be delivered in a plastic protective film, a flat foam, and flat cardboard to keep it from bending during shipping. 



Water Color Prints can also be ordered framed as shown 

in the image on the right (Title: "Handful of Nuts.")  This image was ordered with a 2-inch mat and a black metallic frame. There are 16 frame options of different colors and materials to include wood and metal. You can choose from the collection the best frame option to fit your existing modern, contemporary, or traditional decor. 


Below, shows the back of a framed paper print, which includes the hanging mechanism. All framed prints are enclosed in a protective plastic wrap and adequately packaged to protect the artwork during shipping. 








The next print option I offer is "Exhibit Mount High Gloss Metal Print," as seen below (Image title: Roots).  This unique and beautiful print medium is sturdy and great for both home, office and commercial spaces. It has a glossy, glass-like appearance. 







The back of this print medium is solid and thick due to the extra layer of plastic that adheres to the metal. This print medium is perfect for people who always need to rearrange their wall art or in high traffic areas. It's easy to clean and maintain and stands the test of time. 







So, that's it in the series. There are six more mediums I'll be sharing with you in my next blog. 


You can watch this series on my Youtube channel. Don't forget to hit like and subscribe:-)


See you next time as we journey together, unboxing my next package of mediums. 


Take care!